Winners are indeed grinners, because we’re smiling from ear to ear! ?

Each one of our flavours, which are Made Fresh in-store with No Artificial Colours and No Artificial Flavours, are winners in our eyes…but official recognition is always welcome ? Last month, we attended the 2018 SYDNEY ROYAL CHEESE & DAIRY SHOW and had some flavours bring home awards. Treat yo’self to the following list of award-winning flavours – which flavour haven’t you tried yet?

Mango – Champion and Gold

Our pride and joy – a sorbet made with fresh mangoes, making it Summer-in-a-cup!

Raspberry – Silver

Our 2017 Champion Sorbet – the perfect berry freshness with a flavour and colour that speaks for itself!

Endless Summer – Silver

A creamy mango gelato PACKED with crunchy white chocolate and coconut pieces.

Melonberry – Bronze

A thirst-quenching vegan-friendly sorbet – pure watermelon water combined with the natural sweetness of strawberries

Brownies are Forever – Bronze

An indulgent milk chocolate gelato jam-packed with double choc brownie chunks and swirls of choc brownie sauce.

Licence to Lime & Coconut – Bronze

A zesty gelato with real julienne pieces of lime, shredded coconut and an additional crunch on the side.

Find and visit your local store today and make your next flavour choice a winner ?