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Secret family recipes, passion and commitment to creating premium products without compromise are the key elements behind the story of our growth.

Making brilliant gelato is a complex task and so is building a brilliant gelato business. Gelatissimo’s recipe for success includes a quality artisan product, a simple in-store production system that creates a superior product and a training component to build local artisan gelato makers.

Since launching our concept store in 2002, and commencing franchising in 2004, we have shared our formula for success with franchise partners locally and abroad. Our partners have enjoyed the independence of operating their own business while being part of a strong, supportive and simple system based on proven methods.

Our Franchises operate in Australia, and internationally throughout South East Asia and The Middle East.

We are seeking Franchise Partners who share our passion as we continue to expand and cater to the world’s timeless desire for indulgent gelato.

Do I need to be a gelato expert to become a Gelatissimo Franchisee?

Our Franchisees come from many backgrounds and with different experience.
The thing that they all share is a passion for customer service and a happy disposition.
Our Franchise model is a well-structured process that allows all our Franchisees to produce great tasting gelato fresh in store daily.

What we look for:

  • Strong team leadership
  • Passion, commitment and a drive to succeed
  • Ability to work hard and have fun

Must have's

  • Australian citizenship or Permanent residency Status
  • The ability to communicate verbally at a level of fluency that enables an interactive customer experience
  • The ability to self-fund or raise finance for the purchase
  • Desire & suitability to be part of a franchise system
Will I have to be involved in the business full-time?

It is expected that owning a Gelatissimo means full time involvement. Historically, owner operated stores are more successful.

This includes the day to day running of the store, training and development of staff, local marketing activities and financial control.
if you own more than one store, you will also need to develop competent management teams to ensure that all your stores are meeting expectations.

The passion and effort of the Franchisee is the most important element of success.

How much will it cost to build a new store?

Out stores come in various formats and sizes.
Some can be as small as 25sqm, some kiosk style, whilst others range upwards of 100sqm and include ample seating.
To get up and running you're likely to see a cost of somewhere between $280K and $400K.

The cost being dependent on many factors, including:

  • Size of store
  • Existing use of the store
  • What is included already or negotiated to be provided by the landlord
  • State of Australia (due to varying costs of trades)
  • What equipment is need to maximise customer visibility
  • Etc ..
How many stores can I own?

We encourage multi-site ownership and offer our Franchisees with support and training to operate one or multiple locations.

What assistance does Gelatissimo provide with site selection?

Gelatissimo has a Franchise Development team that is always on the lookout for new sites and we have new sites coming in all the time.

We welcome suggestions from Franchisees for new locations as well, but all of the proposed sites must meet out selection criteria.


What are the royalties and marketing fees?

 Gelatissimo charges a flat royalty fee of $250 p/w, and 3% of turnover as a marketing fee.

How much can I make as a Gelatissimo Franchisee?

The success of a store depends on many factors, including:

  • The passion and effort of the Franchisee is the most important element of success.
  • Location
  • Rent
  • Operational standards
  • Local marketing and
  • Your involvement

We cannot give you an accurate indication of what turnover to expect, however as part of the process of becoming a franchisee, historical sales data of our stores may be disclosed to you.

There are business risks involved in starting any new business and earnings are not predictable.

The Road to Becoming a Gelatissimo Franchisee

If you choose to pursue becoming a Gelatissimo franchisee, the road ahead will involve a number of
steps, summarised as follows:

  • You will be asked to complete an Expression of Interest and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • We will meet to chat about the Gelatissimo business and provide you some more general information and at that
    meeting we will ask that you pay a small refundable deposit of $2000, to proceed to the next stage.
  • We will then schedule a follow up meeting where
    • We provide you with more information
    • We ask that you complete some more paperwork
    • We give you samples of all of the documentation you will be asked to complete if you become a franchisee
    • We will ask you for a further refundable deposit of $8000
  • If you wish to proceed beyond here we ask that you return the required completed paperwork with the additional deposit

Subject to everything being in order we begin the process of finding a suitable site.

  • Once a site is found and lease terms are negotiated we begin to plan the opening
    (from this point you are generally around 12 weeks away from becoming a Gelatissimo franchisee)
  • We manage the fitout of the store throughout the next 12 weeks and during this period provide you with
    3 weeks training before handing over a completed store, ready for you to add your magic before opening for trade.
  • We then support you instore through the initial trading period and ongoing with regular visits