We’re proud to announce that we’ve come together with the McGrath Foundation to create a limited-edition Deluxe Range flavour that will be making a difference!

RUBY LOVE is a delightfully pink raspberry gelato infused with rosewater, topped with meringues and a Ruby Chocolate swirl. It’s made using real, seedless raspberries to keep the smooth, creamy texture of the gelato, and topped with locally-baked meringues made with a traditional recipe. The delicate rosewater flavour is achieved by steeping rose petals in water, which unlocks the recognisable fragrant, floral flavour. And who could forget the Ruby Chocolate swirl, made with Callebaut Ruby Chocolate, a new and revolutionary natural chocolate that is a foodie must-try, but you can now find it across our 46 stores 😉

For each scoop you buy of the flavour, the extra 50 cents you give goes directly to the McGrath Foundation and their McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who provide invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support to families experiencing breast cancer – right across Australia – for free.

This extra special flavour is available in all stores across Australia from the 1st of February for a limited time only, while stocks last. Find your nearest store today here and join us in supporting this great cause!