We have some exciting news to share!

At Gelatissimo, we place our heart and soul into creating authentic and memorable flavours. We create premium artisan gelato daily and whenever our passion and commitment gets recognised – we don’t rest, we just strive harder!

So, delight your eyes with the following flavour list we’ve recently won awards for, in competitions based in both Queensland and Sydney.

Sydney Royal Wine, Dairy & Fine Food 2017

Raspberry – Champion and Gold

The perfect berry freshness with a flavour and colour that speaks for itself!

Mango – Silver

A top selling flavour – a sorbet made with fresh mangos, making it Summer-in-a-cup!

Salted Macadamia & Dulce de Leche – Bronze

Another top selling flavour! A classic pairing between salty and sweet – crunchy salted macadamia and smooth dulce de leche.

Maple Pancake – Bronze

A delicate and fluffy gelato drizzled with sweet maple syrup – it’s the love child of breakfast and dessert.

Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show – Ice Cream, Gelato & Sorbet Competition 2017

Brownies are Forever – Silver

An indulgent milk chocolate gelato jam-packed with double choc brownie chunks and swirls of choc brownie sauce.

Espresso – Silver

A flavour derived from real espresso coffee that diffuses an aroma uniting all coffee lovers.

Licence to Lime & Coconut – Silver

A zesty gelato with real julienne pieces of lime, shredded coconut and an additional crunch on the side.

Mango – Silver

Raspberry – Bronze

Live & Let Dough – Bronze

Packed with chunks of cookie dough gelato filled and decadent caramel fudge – just like licking the cookie dough straight out of the bowl!

Are you drooling yet? We sure are! Make sure you find and visit your local store today, and make your choice a winning flavour!