What’s your flavour? There’s an endless choice at Gelatissimo, and finding a flavour is half the fun!

All our flavours are made fresh in-store by your local artisan gelato maker, using only the best ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. Can’t have dairy? No problem! Have one of our fruit sorbets and chocolate sorbet (trust us, it’s delicious!). We also have gluten free, nut free and 98% sugar free flavours. Enjoy your gelato in a cup, cone, shake or donut… or take it home in a handy tub for later. Life tastes better with gelato!

the ultimate hybrid of banana & toffee

Belgian Chocolate
authentically rich chocolate gelato with notes of dark choc liqueur

Berry Pavlova 
classic sweet meringue gelato with mixed berries sauce

Blood Orange
a feisty, fruity sorbet

a coconut and chocolate gelato with coconut pieces

Burnt Caramel & Pecan
burn your caramel and be rewarded with this amazing flavour, which is made better with caramelised pecan nuts!

Candy Wonderland
a magical fruit candy flavour adored by little kids and big kids alike topped with spinkles

Choc Chip
classic crowd-pleaser with lots of choc-chips

Choc Dipped Strawberries
inspired by the decadent pairing of choc-dipped strawberries

Choc Honeycomb
an explosive taste of crisp, sweet honeycomb with a smooth chocolatey coating

Choc Mint
a minty fresh flavour with choc flakes

simple yet so deliciously creamy

Cookies & Cream
a creamy gelato folded with chocolate biscuit crumbs

Crème Caramel
our delicate caramel with a toffee swirl

Decadent Cookie Dough
cookie flavoured gelato with chunks of choc chip cookie dough and caramel fudge swirls

Endless Summer

the perfect summer trio of flavours: mango white chocolate and coconut


a strong Italian-style coffee with caramel notes

Golden Macadamia Blondie
a creamy macadamia gelato swirled with caramel sauce and topped with blondie chunks

Green Apple
a refreshing, tart flavour that keeps the doctor away

Green Tea
a true Japanese style matcha

a traditional Italian classic

Hokey Pokey
a sweet gelato packed with toffee brittle crunch


a classic pairing of chocolate and orange

a refreshing summer sorbet

a zesty citrus flavour

Luxe Lime & Coconut
a tart flavoured gelato with real julienned lime and shredded coconut

Malten Madness
choc malt gelato sprinkled with crunchy milk chocolate malt balls

made with Australian ripened mangoes

Maple Pancake
pancake flavoured gelato rippled with gooey maple syrup

a refreshing tropical sorbet

Peanut Butter Fudge with Choc Chips 
rich peanut butter goodness with layers of caramel and choc chips

a nutty and creamy gelato created the true Italian way

a burst of flavour made with sun-ripened raspberries

Red Velvet Royale
a cream cheese gelato folded through with red velvet cake

Rum & Raisin
creamy gelato made with raisin pieces soaked in rum

Salted Caramel
a popular classic that can’t go wrong!

Salted Macadamia & Dulce de Leche
an irresistible Latin American caramel fudge gelato sprinkled with salted macademias

a fresh fruity sorbet

Low Sugar range – Chocolate
a rich and dark sugar free chocolate gelato

Low Sugar range – Strawberry
a sugar free strawberry sorbet

Low Sugar range – Vanilla
a creamy sugar free vanilla gelato

Sunkissed Coconut
a tropically refreshing vegan friendly sorbet

inspired by the delicious coffee dessert

an absolute creamy classic

Veronese Chocolate
a hazelnut and chocolate gelato combined with gently-roasted hazelnuts and crispy wafer pieces

Very Berry Cheesecake
a creamy cheesecake gelato rippled with a berry jam and topped with homemade biscuit crumble

White Chocolate
a flavour with the goodness of cocoa butter mixed with fresh milk

Wicked Double Choc Brownie
milk choc gelato jam-packed with double choc brownie chunks and a swirl of choc brownie sauce