What’s your flavour? There’s an endless choice at Gelatissimo, and finding a flavour is half the fun!

All our flavours are made fresh in-store by your local artisan gelato maker, using only the best ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. Can’t have dairy? We cater to dairy free customers with our dairy-free fruit sorbets and chocolate sorbet (trust us, it’s delicious!). We also have gluten free, nut free and 98% sugar free flavours. Enjoy your gelato in a cup, cone, shake or donut… or take it home in a handy tub for later. Life tastes better with gelato!

American Chocolate
our creamiest chocolate with ribbons of caramel and topped with nuts

banana and toffee gelato with swirls of toffee sauce

Belgian Chocolate
authentically rich chocolate gelato

Berry Pavlova 
classic sweet meringue gelato with mixed berries sauce

cookies and cream Italian style

Blood Orange
a feisty, fruity sorbet

Burnt Caramel & Pecan
a light and nutty flavour with pecan pieces you’ll want to devour

Candy Wonderland
a magical flavour adored by little kids and big kids alike

Caramelised Fig
an indulgent flavour for every foodie

Choc Chip
classic crowd-pleaser with lots o’ choc-chips

Choc Honeycomb
honeycomb gelato with choc-coated honeycomb pieces

Choc Mint
one of our most popular flavours, taste it to believe it

simple yet so deliciously creamy

creamy coconut gelato for dreamers


Cookies & Cream
for kids and kids at heart

Crème Caramel
our award-winning creamiest caramel flavour

coffee-lovers unite

Forest Berries
the perfect sorbet mix of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries

Green Apple
this keeps the doctor away

Green Tea
an intense and creamy Green Tea flavour

artisanal and delicious, a classic

Hugh Chocman
delicious chocolatey gelato with a salty caramel swirl

summer sorbet in a cup

Love Me Mallow
strawberry marshmallow gelato with a raspberry jam ripple and crunchy coconut biscuits

dances on your tongue, this sorbet is our most refreshing

Malten Madness
choc malt flavour at its finest

made with real fruit and one of our favourites

Macho Man
rich mocha flavours with a crunchy salted pistachio ripple

Maple Pancake
if breakfast and dessert had a love child, this would be it

a zesty, refreshing sorbet



Peanut Butter Fudge with Choc Chips 
rich peanut butter goodness with layers of caramel and choc chips

created the true Italian way

bright and sure to make your tastebuds sing

Rum & Raisin
classic flavours with raisin pieces

Salted Caramel
need we say more?

Salted Macadamia & Dulce de Leche
one of our top sellers and a true classic

a fresh fruity sorbet

Strawberry Bubblegum
a classic kid’s favourite

Low Sugar range – Chocolate
the most popular in this range

Low Sugar range – Strawberry
strawberry sorbet with natural sweetners

Low Sugar range – Vanilla
created with love and natural sweetners

inspired by the delicious coffee dessert

an absolute creamy classic

Veronese Chocolate
chocolate hazelnuts with chocolate fudge and wafer pieces

White Chocolate
our dreamiest gelato

Wild Cherry
a light and creamy gelato topped with luscious cherries