H2MELON x Melonberry Spider

Ingredients: 1 x scoop Melonberry (size of scoop is up to your discretion ?) 1 x 500mL H2MELON water Soda water/Lemonade Fresh strawberry wedge Method: Pour out a glass of H2MELON water and mix in some soda water/lemonade Place a large scoop of Melonberry gelato into...

Delicate French Crepes

Ingredients: Assorted gelato flavours of your choice Crepe FOR THE CREPE Ingredients: 1 cup of sifted plain flour 2 Eggs 1 cup of milk 1 teaspoon of caster sugar 3 tablespoons of melted butter Combine all your ingredients in a blender until it is a smooth consistency...

Cookies & Crumb Sandwiches

Ingredients: Assorted gelato flavours of your choice Cookies, we like to use mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, but any size or flavour will do!   For the Raspberry Coulis Ingredients: 250g Raspberries 50g Icing Sugar Heat the raspberries in a non-stick pan and mash with a...

Strawberry Champagne Sorbet

Ingredients: 500g fresh strawberries 200ml water 150g sugar 1 lemon 1 Glass of Champagne Combine water and sugar in a small saucepan. Heat over medium heat stirring until sugar is dissolved. Let the water/sugar syrup cool down. In the meantime, puree the fresh...

Coco Loco Mango Shake

(serves 4) Ingredients: 3 scoops of Mango gelato ½ cup of ice 1 ½ cups of Coconut Water Throw all ingredients into a blender, and mix until smooth and to desired thickness. Pour into a tall glass, and top with a paper straw. Umbrella...

At-home Salted Caramel

(serves 4) Ingredients: 2 cans of Condensed Milk Water Sea Salt 2 ½ cups of thickened cream Pour one can of condensed milk into an oven-proof dish then sprinkle lightly with sea salt. Cover the dish in foil ensuring the edges are tightly sealed. You’ll now need to...

Chilli Chocolate

(serves 4) Ingredients: 2 small chillies, finely sliced 200g of quality dark chocolate Chocolate gelato Chop the dark chocolate into small chunks and melt by placing in a metal bowl over a simmering pot of water. Add the chillies and stir. Strain this mixture using a...

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