Nutritional Information

At Gelatissimo, we produce our gelato in small batches in every single one of our stores to ensure that we serve the freshest, high quality gelato to our customers! Our stores stock a variety of flavours locally that are chosen from more than 50 different flavours Gelatissimo makes available at any one time. As our gelato is Made Fresh in store, we only use the finest ingredients with No Artificial Colours and No Artificial Flavours.

We’re passionate for innovation and we are constantly creating new flavours. In doing so, we are always thinking about our customers’ nutritional requirements and we try to cater for an array of personal dietary needs. To assist our customers in making the right decision based on their flavour preferences as well as any dietary requirements, we’ve decided to provide you with Nutritional Information on each of our delicious gelato flavours, available at your fingertips! Whether you’re prone to sensitivities or allergic reactions, we’ve got you covered. Here at Gelatissimo, we place our customers first!

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nutritional information