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We’re in the business of generating smiles, where every day we strive to bring a cup or cone of joy to everyone’s life! In 2002 we traversed land and sea to discover one of Italy’s most delicious traditions. We found a secret family recipe that we knew would both surprise and delight the taste buds of Australians everywhere, so we brought it home with us. The rest as they say, is history!

As well as being Australia’s largest Gelato franchise, Gelatissimo has also been operating in 6 key international locations with Master Franchisees in Saudi Arabia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh and India. We are committed to continuing the international expansion program, through key strategic partnerships and a strong Master Franchisee Network.

Gelatissimo are currently seeking new prospective Master Franchisees to develop the brand in our targeted growth markets by opening new retail store outlets in key locations through company and sub-franchise stores. Gelatissimo wants to partner with passionate people and companies  who share our vision of creating ‘Gelatissimoments’ with consumers across the world by delivering the finest quality of “made fresh in store” artisan gelato products.

Gelatissimo provides a strong Master Franchise business model, initial/on-going training and brand building marketing campaigns; all delivered by a dedicated and professional senior Franchise support team.

If you share our passion for indulgent gelato as a gateway to happiness, we invite you to become a Master Franchise Partner.

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